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“Capperi Spaziali” freeze-dried capers “La Nicchia” 16g


100% freeze-dried capers, light and crunchy for an explosion of taste.

“The Artichokes” Selection


Carciofi Candini alla crudaiola “I Contadini” 230g

Carciofi piccolissimi “Maida” 190g

Carciofi alla cafona “Agnoni” 210g

“Whole Tomatoes” selection Roscioli


Cherry Tomatoes “Travaglini” 530g

Yellow Cherry Tomatoes “Maida” Roscioli selection 680g

Red datterino tomatoes in water and salt Bio “Travaglini” 530g

Yellow cherry tomatoes in water and salt Bio “Inserbo” selezione Roscioli 550g

2019 Millesimate Anzio Sardines “Pollastrini” 100g


These sardines are particularly fat and are fished only in September and November, subsequently packaged in olive oil. This product is part of a careful selection of vintage, 2019.

Alalunga Tuna fillets in extra virgin olive oil “Si mi piace Vulcano” 110g drained


From the best slices of Albacore tuna these fillets are obtained, put in jars with the sole addition of extra virgin olive oil and sea salt.

Amatriciana Sauce “Roscioli” 280g


Produced exclusively for the Roscioli, this amatriciana sauce is prepared according to the Roman tradition with ingredients chosen to guarantee the excellent quality that distinguishes the Roscioli brands.

Anchovies Cetara fillets in olive oil “Armatore” 90g


Fished in spring, and anchovies are prepared to mature in the traditional “terzigni” in chestnut wood, for a period never less than 8 months. Cleaned from salt, barbed, they are preserved in olive oil.

Anchovies in extra virgin olive oil “Alici di Menaica” 80g drained


Fished in the Cilento area between April and July, only the largest anchovies are selected through a special net. Once cleaned, the anchovies are immediately placed in sea salt and left to mature for at least 3 months, then potted in extra virgin olive oil.

Antipasto Pantesco in extra virgin olive oil “La Nicchia” 240ml


Mixed dried tomatoes, caper’s flowers, caper leaves, olives all in extra virgin olive oil flavored with dried Pantelleria oregano.

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