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“Capperi Spaziali” freeze-dried capers “La Nicchia” 16g


100% freeze-dried capers, light and crunchy for an explosion of taste.

Artic sea salt flakes “Nordur” 250g


This sale comes from the Arctic waters surrounding the small Karlsey Island in Breiđafjördur Bayin, Iceland.

Crunchy dried capers “Incuso” 30g


Product made with desalted and dried capers first in the sun and then in a dehydrator, to give recipes an absolutely unusual crunchy note for capers.

Flor de sal Puxadoiros island “Ria de Aveiro” 200g


The salt is mined in the Ria Aveiro area, in the central region of Portugal. Handcrafted according to tradition and strictly dried in the natural sun, it does not contain any chemical additives.

Green chili pepper paste 180g


Cayenne green chili pepper with the only addition of extra virgin olive oil, garlic and lemon. Artisanal product without preservatives and colorants added, selected by SimipiaceVulcano for Roscioli.

Maldon sea salt flakes 250g


Maldon salt is harvested on the Blackwater River estuary in Essex. It is presented in the form of easily crumbling crystals, has a strong flavor and it is suggested to use it after cooking.

Pantelleria oregano “la nicchia” 10g


Very fragrant oregano rigorously grown, harvested and dried in Pantelleria, ideal for seasoning sauces and gravies.

Purest Saffron in pistils “Croco e Smilace” 0,25g


Collected before sunrise in the period between October and November, these pistils are processed by hand. Saffron is the most precious spice in the world, used for any preparation in the kitchen.

Roscioli Pepper Blend 100g


Mixed Peppers, carefully selected by Roscioli, ideal for any preparation.

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