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Amaro Colazingari Amaro Laziale 


The ancient vintage label testifies to the long life of the recipe of this liqueur, the most classic of bitters, as it is moderately alcoholic, mellow enough, balanced in the aroma that the cold infusion with four types of herbs gives it, as per tradition ‘Casa Colazingari’.

Amaro San Simone Liquore Antica Officina Farmaceutica San Simone


The bitter known today is the descendant of an ancient elixir dating back to the sixteenth century, created by a brotherhood of Monks of Turin to improve blood circulation, the Depurativo San Simone.

Fernet Fred Jerbis Friuli


This fernet is a tribute to the Italian tradition, but with a surprising personality. A bitter side due to rhubarb and a fresh side due to mint. The brief refinement in chestnut barrels serves to accentuate the stringent, almost savory note. The color is deep amber, given by the extraction of the plants used. The taste is rich and herbaceous, with intense and round notes; free of dyes and with a very low percentage of sugar.

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