ONLY for US: please note that FDA states food and wine can no longer be shipped together in the same box and it will be necessary to charge double shipping cost

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“The Artichokes” Selection


Carciofi Candini alla crudaiola “I Contadini” 230g

Carciofi piccolissimi “Maida” 190g

Carciofi alla cafona “Agnoni” 210g

Pantelleria’s Aperitif Selection


Pantelleria’s Aperitif in extra virgin olive oil “La nicchia” 240g

Redu tuna in oil “Armatore” 170g

Caper’s fruit in extra virgin olive oil “La Nicchia” 240g

“Capperi Spaziali” freeze-dried capers “La Nicchia” 16g

Sweet chili peppers chutney “Maida” 260g

Roscioli in oil selection


Semi-dried cherry tomatoes Pomodorini 280g

Artichokes harvested by hand 350g

Sciurilli e cucuzzielli “Maida” 200g

Cardocelli mushrooms in extra virgin olive oil “De Carlo”180g

Peppers in extra virgin olive oil “Agnoni” 210g

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