Amatriciana Kit


The kit contains everything you need for the classic Roman dish: Mezze maniche Roscioli, which, thanks to their ridges, easily hold onto any sauce; a pork jowl seasoned with black pepper, whole salt, coriander, and chili, aged in natural cellars; intense and pungent Pecorino Romano, aged for 24 months; peeled tomatoes, to be crushed by hand as tradition dictates; and chili for those who love the spicy version of Amatriciana.

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The kit includes:

• Mezze maniche Roscioli (500 gr)

• Peeled tomatoes (2 x 250 gr)

• Pecorino Romano DOP (250 gr)

• Guanciale (300 gr)

• Campisi Chili Peppers (1 jar)

The brands of the products included in the kits may vary depending on availability, but they are all carefully selected by Roscioli and of equal quality.

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