Amatriciana Pasta Kit



500 gr Mezze Maniche Verrigni
300 gr Guanciale del Monte Conero di valle Imperiale
250 gr Pecorino Romano Dop DeRoma 24 mesi
2 x 250 gr pomodori Pelati F.lli Longobardi
1 vasetto peperoncino Contuso

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Here is all you need to cook the greatest Amatriciana, one of the finest classical roman’s recipe. A wonderful durum wheat pasta, drawn bronze and slowly dried at natural temperature.The typical porous “rigatone” which is perfect to absorb the sauce. The Guanciale is a pork cheek coming from Monte Conero’s farming in “marchigiano”, seasoned with black pepper, integral salt, coriander, hot pepper. The pecorino is a 24 months seasoning roman pecorino, having a sharp and intense taste. The tomato is a peeled one, produced in the Salerno area, one of the most suitable zone in Italy. It leads you to right feelings when on touch or smell, as tradition dictates. Let’s put in some hot chili pepper. Those who love this version should use just a pinch!