Anchovies and butter Pasta Kit with Plate


500g long dry pasta “spaghetti Verrigni”
280gr jar with our butter and anchovies sauce
50gr anchovies fillet from Cantabrian sea in oil

We created a ready dressing with French butter and Cantabrian anchovies. The mix of butter’s sweetness and the intense bitterness of the preserved fish makes this dish extraordinary in its absolute simplicity. This pasta is produced by an artisanal pasta factory in Roseto of Abruzzi, bronze drawn and slowly dried. The anchovy fillets, added on top of each portion of spaghetti, are first-choice fillets fished and processed in the Basque Country. Pepper is a variety of black pepper from the Sarikei gardens , in Sarawak on the island of Borneoin Malaysia. It is slightly smoked on the burning mango wood.