Anchovy sauce, Manaide


Colatura is simply the liquid drawn from the anchovies when they are cured in salt – no additives and nothing artificial!

This particular sauce of Anchovies is Noble descendant of the Garum, which was used by the ancient Romans as a universal condiment. Colatura di Alici is made by, skillful seasoning and pressing of salted anchovies. The unique taste and the patient production process, have made it a symbol of the industriousness and has been used in Roman culture for centuries. It can be used to add umami flavours to seafood, add to  spaghetti with garlic and spice for a quick and flavorful pasta and to caesar salad dressing.

Adds  real anchovies flavour without having to chop anchovies.


Recipe demo  using Anchovy Sauce

Aglio Oglio Peperoncino