Bianco Orange 2018 – Abbazia San Giorgio


OMG! Don’t even try to discuss about this wine – just give your senses to it. This wine is a revolution with limited production. Produced on the magic island of Pantelleria, between Africa and Europe, you find non-grafted vineyards that are more like monuments than plants. Sandy, volcanic soils with extreme winds. This is a dry zibbibo that sounds more like an oxymoron because zibbibo from Arabic lands is typically a sweet wine. So you find a creamy, herbal and fruity wine of the nose but earthy and dry on the palate.

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"Wine without a story is just a fruit juice with alcohol" .... so below you'll find a video of the winemaker.
Don't forget to turn on English subtitles.

Orange 2018 - Abbazia San Giorgio

Grape: Zibibbo
Region: Pantelleria (SICILIA)
Drinking Window: Now
Pairings: Goat cheese, salmon
Winemaking Notes: Organic farming, up to 100 year old vines, no added sulpher.