Cacio e Pepe Kit


The Cacio e Pepe kit includes Roscioli spaghetti, which are bronze-extruded and slowly dried, perfect for absorbing the sauce;

250 gr of intense and pungent Pecorino Romano DOP, aged for 24 months; a blend of different types of black pepper, carefully selected;

and finally, our Cacio e Pepe Roscioli sauce, unique and now iconic, whose secret lies in the emulsion of Pecorino Romano DOP and Parmigiano Reggiano cheeses.


The kit includes:

• Spaghettoni Roscioli (500 gr)

• Roscioli Pepper Selection (40 gr)

• Pecorino Romano DOP (250 gr)

• Roscioli Cacio e Pepe Sauce (270 gr)

The brands of the products included in the kits may vary depending on availability, but they are all carefully selected by Roscioli and of equal quality.

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