Carbonara Kit


We are famous worldwide for our Carbonara, prepared according to tradition.

The kit includes: Roscioli Spaghettoni; a pork cheek seasoned with black pepper, whole salt, coriander, and chili, and aged in natural cellars; Pecorino Romano, intense and pungent, aged for 24 months; a blend of different types of carefully selected black pepper; and finally, eggs from a virtuous farm of Livornese hens, raised outdoors and fed with ground grains and goat’s milk. The resulting rich, dense yolk is perfect for binding the dish.


Egg delivery available only in Rome.

The kit includes:

• Spaghettoni Roscioli (500 gr)

• Pecorino Romano DOP (250 gr)

• Guanciale (300 gr)

• Roscioli Pepper Selection

• Livornese Eggs (1 pack of 6 eggs)

The brands of the products included in the kits may vary depending on availability, but they are all carefully selected by Roscioli and of equal quality.

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