Carbonara Pasta Kit


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500gr long dry pasta “Chitarra Verrigni”
300gr pork cheek from Monte Conero
250gr Pecorino romano DOP DeRoma
6 fresh eggs from Paolo Parisi
16gr. Black Pepper Sarawak

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We are proud to be famous all over the world for this Carbonara, a typical roman recipe prepared in a traditional way. Our unique version is set on high quality raw materials and extreme attention to steps and temperatures. All the seasoning is added to the pasta, away from the flames and melted with energy. This pasta is produced in Abruzzo and is famous for its thickness and fullness. The Guanciale is a pork cheek coming from Monte Conero’s farming in “Marchigiano”, seasoned with black pepper, integral salt, coriander, hot pepper. The pecorino is a 24 months seasoning roman pecorino, having a sharp and intense taste. The egg’s production is set on virtuous breeding of Livornese hens with white eggs, raised in free crops and fed with minced grains and goat’s milk. The red that derives from it, is dense and rich, perfect for mixing the dish. Pepper is an intense Malaysian black pepper. NO SHIPPING – take away only