Cesanese di Olevano Superiore 2017 – Giacobbe


Alberto Giacobbe has a story that starts like many of ours. He went to school and was preparing to be an accountant (let’s face it, following the family heritage of growing grapes wasn’t going to pay more than the basic  bills), until he fell in love with his family’s vineyards and did a complete turn around.

Cesanese had fallen out of favour as in prior years due to neglect but that’s changing, especially with Giacobbe.

This is a unique grape to Lazio (the area around Rome) and one where you surely will not find a quality version back home.

Grown from vines planted by his grandfather that are  up to 65 year  from a small village Affile. Coupled with organic practices, love and passion for what he is doing in life comes a wine that could almost compete with some Burgundian wines, but at a fraction of the price.

This complex yet easy drinking wine is best paired with a homemade dinner and great friends. A perfect way to surprise them with a lesser known, indigenous grape cultivated in Lazio for thousands of years.

Nice fruit, but a more interesting refreshing minerality that comes from the soil of an old volcanic lake bed in the area.

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"Wine without a story is just a fruit juice with alcohol" .... so below you'll find a video of the winemaker.
Don't forget to turn on English subtitles.

Cesanese di Olevano Superiore - Giacobbe

Grape: 100% Cesanese d'Affile
Region: Piglio (Lazio)
Drinking Window: Now until 2023
Pairings: traditional pasta dishes from Rome like Amatriciana, Carbonara and Rimessa's Cacio e Pepe kit.