Mini Kit Tomato and Basil


Roscioli offers you the opportunity to enjoy our sauces with artisanal pasta exclusively produced for our brand.


The Mini Kit contains:

• Spaghettoni Roscioli (500 gr) • Roscioli Tomato and Basil Sauce (270 gr)

Here are the steps to prepare your pasta:


• Fill a large pot with water and bring it to a boil over high heat.

• Add a generous pinch of salt.

• Once the water is boiling, add the pasta (180 gr).

• Stir the pasta occasionally to prevent sticking.

• Before draining the water, set aside a ladle of cooking water to use later for emulsifying the pasta sauce.

• While the pasta is cooking, pour the sauce (1 jar) into a pan and heat it over low heat.

• When the pasta is “al dente,” add it to the pan and set the heat to medium.

• Toss the pasta for about 2 minutes, and if the sauce is too thick, add a spoonful of cooking water. Finally, serve.

The brands of the products included in the kits may vary depending on availability, but they are all carefully selected by Roscioli and of equal quality.

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