Ramie 2016 – Coutandin


Sometimes I feel like an archeologist digging in the dark stinky caves of conventional and obvious flavors, I love to find gems like Ramie. I call it the vertical wine as it is produced on a slope of 90% grade, where harvesting becomes an extreme sport. Coming from grape varieties that are unknown to nearly anyone, this wine deserves the right to be called heroic viticulture. The sun rays hit the vines direct due to the grade and balance the cold from the valley. 2000 bottles produced. Fully bodied and rich.

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"Wine without a story is just a fruit juice with alcohol" .... so below you'll find a video of the winemaker.
Don't forget to turn on English subtitles.

Ramie 2016 - Coutandin

Grape: Avana, Avagrengo, Becuet, Chatus, Barbera
Region: Pinerolese (Piedmont)
Drinking Window: Now until 2002 
Pairings: Pork and red meat, meatballs, medium to aged cheeses
Winemaking Notes: Ultra-natural viticulture, no chemistry or sulphites added, 2000 bottles produced