Tenuta Arcamone Extra Virgin Olive Oil


‘Tenuta Arcamone’ is one of the ‘historic’ estates of the De Carlo family, and it has been under organic cultivation since 1990. The cultivar is Coratina, which in this microclimate has managed to naturally rebalance its production cycle without the use of any chemical substances. This oil expresses the unique characteristics of its territory, concentrating them into a blend of aromas and flavors.

With its green color and golden reflections, slightly veiled, it is elegant and complex on the nose, characterized by broad and harmonious vegetal notes of fresh field herbs.

Balanced, slightly bitter, with a pronounced and persistent spiciness, it is rich in vegetal tones of artichoke and green almond.

The bold character of this oil allows it to be paired with grilled vegetables, grilled porcini mushrooms, mixed legume soups, tomato salads, and vegetable minestrone.


Size: 500 ml

Cultivar: Coratina

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