Roscioli Goodies Food Box


U.S. Customers: We cannot ship food & wine together, per USDA regulations, so 2 orders will be necessary if ordering food and wine.

  • Spaghetti Pasta, De Fermo – made from organic grain
  • Pesto from Pra, La Baita – anyone who knows our tasting won’t forget this pesto – use on bruschetta or a dipping sauce for vegetables
  • Semi-dried cherry tomatoes, Vulcano – great on bruschetta or save to make a great pasta the day after or before Thanksgiving
  • ‘Ketchup’ di Arance, Il Poggio del Picchio  – Orange ketchup – sounds strange but is addicting – perfect sweetness to go along with the dry turkey
  • Sweet onion chutney, Vulcano – ideal as a condiment for the turkey, or bruschetta with ricotta
  • Balsamic vinegar of Modena, La Secchia – super concentrated flavors and viscous – ideal as a drizzle over roasted vegetables
  • EVOO 500ml, Caieta– just pressed in October 2019 and is jam packed with flavor to cook with or use for bread or to drizzle over the bruschetta
  • Honey Thun –  which ever flavour of our unique creation is included you will enjoy mixing it with the olive oil for a pre-dessert (instead of honey butter, you’ll get an Italian version of honey oil)
  • Cinnamon and butter Torcetti cookies, Panificio Patti – try to eat just one…these are like a drug. You’ll see!