Tomato Roscioli Selection


  • Capuliato: pomodoro tritato essiccato al sole (Si mi piace Vulcano)
  • Salsa di pomodoro del Piennolo (Olivella)
  • Pomodorino giallo (Paglione)
  • Pomodori Semi dry (Paglione)
  • Pomodorini Semi dry (De Carlo):
    Pomodoro ciliegino in olio extravergine di oliva De Carlo. Bitritto (BA).
Tomato is the worldwide symbol of “made in italy“. Undoubtedly it is the main ingredient of the Italian cooking culture, seasoning different pasta recipes, pizza, main courses and starters. There exist a huge variety ofItalian tomatoes, produced and treated in different ways and this selection provides you with some of the best ones. The “Capuliato” is a tomato sauce naturally dried under the sun of Vulcano island, in the Aeolian archipelago. It is an extremely useful paste which can be used instead of fresh tomatoes or sauce: a spoon is enough to replace almost 200 grams of classic sauce. It is an irreplaceable ingredient of the Sicilian Caponata and of many southern pasta recipes. The cherry tomato sauce is incredibly sweet. Pacchetella di Piennolo is a classical Neapolitan tomato perfectly suitable for fresh and tasty first courses. The semi-dry tomatoes are slightly sun-dried tomatoes, preserved in oil. They represent the perfect starters.