Torre Di Mossa Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Torre di Mossa is the ‘historic’ estate of the De Carlo family, from which this extra virgin olive oil is born, representing our concept of quality in its entirety. The cultivar is Coratina, the mother of all oils in the region.

With its intense green color, it opens up on the nose with a wide and elegant bouquet. The scent of olives and freshly cut grass is clean, with vegetal notes of artichoke.

Sweet at first, it reveals a pronounced bitterness and intense, persistent spiciness that teases the palate with a lasting sensation of vitality.

Torre di Mossa olive oil fully expresses its personality on simple grilled bread but is also ideal for use raw in meat-based dishes, legume soups, grains, meat carpaccio, and flavorful pasta dishes.


Size: 500 ml

Cultivar: Coratina

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