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2019 Millesimate Anzio Sardines “Pollastrini” 100g


These sardines are particularly fat and are fished only in September and November, subsequently packaged in olive oil. This product is part of a careful selection of vintage, 2019.

Amaro Colazingari Amaro Laziale 


The ancient vintage label testifies to the long life of the recipe of this liqueur, the most classic of bitters, as it is moderately alcoholic, mellow enough, balanced in the aroma that the cold infusion with four types of herbs gives it, as per tradition ‘Casa Colazingari’.

Amaro San Simone Liquore Antica Officina Farmaceutica San Simone


The bitter known today is the descendant of an ancient elixir dating back to the sixteenth century, created by a brotherhood of Monks of Turin to improve blood circulation, the Depurativo San Simone.

Amatriciana Pasta Kit



500 gr Mezze Maniche Verrigni
300 gr Guanciale del Monte Conero di valle Imperiale
250 gr Pecorino Romano Dop DeRoma 24 mesi
2 x 250 gr pomodori Pelati F.lli Longobardi
1 vasetto peperoncino Campisi

Amatriciana Sauce “Roscioli” 280g


Produced exclusively for the Roscioli, this amatriciana sauce is prepared according to the Roman tradition with ingredients chosen to guarantee the excellent quality that distinguishes the Roscioli brands.

Anchovies and butter Pasta Kit


We created a ready dressing with French butter and Cantabrian anchovies. The mix of butter’s sweetness and the intense bitterness of the preserved fish makes this dish extraordinary in its absolute simplicity. This pasta is produced by an artisanal pasta factory in Roseto of Abruzzi, bronze drawn and slowly dried. The anchovy fillets, added on top of each portion of spaghetti, are first-choice fillets fished and processed in the Basque Country. Pepper is a variety of black pepper from the Sarikei gardens, in Sarawak on the island of Borneo in Malaysia. It is slightly smoked on the burning mango wood.

Antico Forno Roscioli – A Roman gastronomical experience


Roscioli is the story of a family you’ll meet as you sit at their table, enjoying a lovely burrata accompanied by the best anchovies in the world. You’ll feel right at home like nowhere else. “Massimo Bottura”

Asparagus in olive oil “Agnoni” 210g


Produced in small quantities, the asparagus are harvested in spring and processed a few hours after harvesting, then placed in oil and enriched with parsley, garlic and chili.

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