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par Katie Parla

Salumeria Roscioli
Founded in the historic center in 2004 by Rome’s premier baking family, Salumeria Roscioli does triple duty as a deli, wine bar, and restaurant. Though the menu is extensive, the real stars are the cheeses, cured meats (the burrata with semi-sundried tomatoes and mortadella with Parmigiano-Reggiano are particularly stellar), and pasta dishes (get the gricia, cacio e pepe, or carbonara). If you dine at lunch or on the early side at dinner, the bread basket will include freshly baked bread from nearby Antico Forno Roscioli. The wine lists (one Italian, the other international) have some real steals, and don’t miss the distilled spirits before closing out the meal. Be sure to book well in advance and request a ground-floor table.

Roscioli Caffè
In January 2016, the Roscioli family opened this caffé with modern decor and classic offerings a short distance away from its eponymous Forno and Salumeria (see above). The shop instantly became a point of reference for coffee drinkers and pastry lovers, who fill the standing-room-only bar area from morning until late evening. The back room, which offers table service, serves all the sandwiches and pastries on display in the front, as well as a selection of cheese, cured meats, cocktails, and wine.

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